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Safety House Is an ISO Certified company has been established in India. Manufacturing the products for Energy isolation, Workplace area safety and site management.

Our Range of products : Lockout / Tagout products , High intensity Reflective, Key cabinets, metal Boxes, Non Glow and Glow signs, Tapes, Labels , tags, Hangouts / Posters, Acoustic seals for Door and Windows, Parking and road safety products, PPE etc.

We understand your need and can provide the best solution to protect your Workplace area for safe and smooth working. We have variety of Lockout Tag out products as per the OSHA Standards. Our all products are CE Certified.

We can also make the Lockout equipment as per the client requirement under terms.

Our Aim – Customer Satisfaction in all respect

What is lockout / tagout ?

As we all know that in Big or small industries generally accidents has happened by the startling start up of equipment and machinery or by the unrestrained discharge of energy. These types of small and major accidents can be prohibited by appropriate Lockout / Tagout actions.

Osha’s Lockout / Tagout Standard,29 CFR &1910.147 are considered to avoid unnecessary accidents to service & maintenance personnel by controlling unauthorized or accidental use of energy.

To perform service and maintenance work on industrial equipment safely, you must understand the importance of energy control and Osha’s Lockout / Tagout Standards.

A lockout is a method of preventing mishaps by keeping equipment from being accidentally started or switched off.

Lockouts are used for – disconnecting switches , circuit breakers , valves or other energy isolation mechanisms & to put them in the safe / off position.

A lock is attached, so that the equipment can’t be energized.

In a Tag out, the energy-isolating device is placed in the safe position and a written warning is attached to it.

Lockout / Tag out is a very important part of “life at work” in industries, manufacturing & processing plants, office buildings, healthcare facilities, construction sites, projects, hotels, ships, offshore installations, etc.


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